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  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Splendid Strategy
Thanks for watching ^^…
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Splendid Strategy
Tagged by: :iconjexima:


1) Write down ever letter in your name  (and screename.) 
2) Write down a song that pops into your head beginning with each letter. 
3) Count the number of letters and TAG that many people. (I don't think I have that many friends XD)

Leyla(never gonna know my real name bwahahaha!!!) Beatrix 

L- "Last Train"-  Atarashii Asa

"Ellinel: The Fairy Academy" Maplestory BGM

Y- "Yasuo, The Unforgiven; Login Theme" Riot Games

L- "Lonely in Gorgeous" Tomoko Kawase

A- "Active Pain" English Cover by Sapphire

B- "Borodin Polovtsian Dances" Catherine/Katherine OST

E- "Eclipse of the World" Hyrule Warriors BGM

A- "Astral's Theme" Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal OST

T- "Tougenkyou Alien" Serial TV Drama

R- "Raindrops" SNBRN feat. Kerli

I- "I Got That Tune" Chinese Man (The Trickaz Remix) 

X- "Xenoblade Chronicles Medley" Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Tagging: :iconbyakurin: :iconjonquilladin: :iconkalafin99: :iconkrisantyne: :iconllaren: :iconnekiwii: :iconpandapool: :iconringo-mikan: :iconraycchan: :iconshidare-zakura:

Seriously... I don't talk to many people XD

For the hell of the last two

:iconnyapapa: and :iconantarija:

All 12 of you may go poo yourselves. :p 

Name: Elizabeth "Ely" Butler

High School Year (1/2/3): 3rd year

Describe your character in a few words: Oblivious and seem like your averaged student but is an obsessed gamer at heart that don't think things thoroughly. 

Club: Basketball (substitute) 

Hobbies/Interests: Turn-based Strategy/Puzzle/Mystery Games, Singing(terrible at it), and taking pictures of her mom's service Pokemon

Part-time job (if yes): - N/A

Dorm or Home: Home

Likes:  competitive gaming, studying

Dislikes: Loud people, stress, having to stay in one area longer than necessary or being too early/too late for events

She enjoys to show off pictures her mom's pokemon like that friend with a new puppy/kitty. Ely tends to game a lot whenever she gets the chance on anything. For the most part she is positive and friendly, but immature. She can hold pointless grudges or feel a ways towords somethig despite the year gaps. She enjoys to pick on others in her conversations a bit also. 

Ely's family is currently separated due to circumstances. She lives alone with her mother, a former military soldier, and her various service Pokemon. She often likes to take pictures of them and post them around the school's webpage or send them around in other social medias. If often ending up annoying some people. She prefers to be at home but ends up not being there to avoid her mom calling her lazy. It is also the reason why she joined basketball and tend to walk around town doing other things.

    School wise, she is a well rounded student. Ely scores around the above average to top tier from constant studying/multitasking. She only does so for the advantages, such as teachers ignoring the fact that she is using her phone in the back of the classroom. Not to mention, she don't know what she wants to do when she graduate, using her grades as a safety net. 

    Most of her activity comes from outside out school, playing games competitively against locals. She is well known in arcades for scoring in the top 5 ranks most games. Her specialty is in turn-based strategy, so it's not surprising to see her going against a little kid with cards in the park or the elderly in a game of chess. She is also known as "the window-shopper" and "that girl who take pictures" by shop owners. 

Ideas for scenarios/flags:

Event 1:  Haru went to a random classroom and heard Ely complaining over a round on her phone game. Haru looks over quietly and see her in the corner in her basketball uniform. Ely took a while before noticing Haru near by and politely asked him to not to tell anyone in the basketball team where she was. Haru mentions that the basketball practice was on a different day. Ely nervously chuckles saying that she did not thought this thoroughly. While picking up her items to go home, she gave Haru her name and left awkwardly. Haru was left wondering why she was in her basketball uniform even though she wasn't planning on going to practice. 
    Unlock event by going to the classroom

Event 2 : Haru goes to the arcade after school. Zhe noticed a crowed surrounding one particular and check to see what the commotion was. To Haru's surprise it was Ely playing Pokken Tournament and was on a roll. As soon as Ely finishes it, she reconized Haru and invited them over to the cafe near by to eat. They talked about games and other things. Time to time she'll try to show Haru a picture of one of her mom's pokemon and brag about them a bit (we all have that friend). Haru mentions how zhe knows a bit about games so Ely tested him out with a series of questions(or just one) where the player have to answer. If the player gets most of them wrong, they have to pay for the meal. If the player gets most of them right, Ely pays. This will change the story/ending a bit. 
    Unlock event by going to the arcade

Event 3: On the next day, Haru wonders the halls once more and hears the game obsessed girl again. She was trying to make many different excuses to not go to practice to one of her basketball teammate. Some of them included studying (her grades are fine), important event (everyone knows that she is the one posting random images online all day or gaming), or the fact that she is a bench warmerThe teammate dismisses the excuses, nagging to her that she skipped so many already. Haru was standing around for a while, the teammate took notice and asked if he was passing by. Ely again tried making another excuse and tried getting Haru to agree/play along with her. Depending if the player's choice the events will differ. 
    Unlock event by going to the hallway
        Possible cameo?

Event 4:
    A.) Player did not played along, leaving the school's premise, finding Ely in the arcade once more. Ely is currently pissed and was not very excited to see the player. Haru tried talking to her but she tries to ignore Haru. Haru was able to get her to talk and whine a bit. Other dialog happens, I'm just not so sure about it. Depending on the player's answer Ely will either
        1. Stay mad and game over
        2. The player gets another chance and do something for her for the next event (take her out, invite her over, something...) for the next day. 
   B.) The player went along with it but Ely was still forced to go to practice but the teammate also drags Haru along since they need some extra people to practice with. This is placed after the practice at the train station with the dialog mentioning what's above. Ely apologizes for the incident. Haru ended up asking her about her family causing some discomfort but Ely answered. Haru understood what she possibly mean by her brother not being there. Switching topics, depending on who payed for the meal in event two, it will go either
        1. Haru payed and mentions that she kinda owes him for two things. Ely tells him that he can pick out a favor for her to do in return. They ended up doing something together like studying or go out somewhere for her to pay the next day.
        2. Ely payed and the player mentions it. Ely says that they kinda are even right now because of the last events. Haru acts humble saying it was nothing and insisted on her to ask for favor from him. She agrees and tells him to meet up in the front of the shopping district the next day. 

Event 5: My brain is fried. I can't think of anything at the moment~

Nuzlocke VN Collab - Ely's Bio
For :iconnuzlockevncollab:

Still editing and fixing things around since I just bs-ed some stuff in one day. 
Help? Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] 
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Splendid Strategy
Thanks for watching ^^…


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